Rescue Horses

Thanks to our amazing donors and supporters, Hold Your Horses was able to rescue two amazing horses this year, as well as provide support for numerous other rescue animals. 


River the Rescue Horse

Additional Information

On June 24, 2019 River the Rescue Horse was found abandoned late at night in Modesto along the river side. Rescuer Bobbi Carne quickly came to River's aide, and brought him to Taylor Vet for treatment. River was so badly malnourished, he weighed less than 500 pounds, and was given a body score of 2 out of 10. 

Four days later, Bobbi asked for the help of Hold Your Horses, and we were honored to become the legal Guardian of River. Thanks to the help of our amazing supporters, HYH was able to cover River's extensive veterinarian costs, as well as the feed, supplies, and supplements for his recovery. River was put on a specialty diet to regain weight, and was stabled at his foster-to-adopt's ranch. HYH made weekly "grocery trips" for River, and was able to provide everything River could ever want or need. 

River was taken for numerous vet appointments, farrier visits, even acupuncture at Los Caballos Equine Practice! It has been a long journey, but River has always had the will and strength of a fighter to make this recovery possible. Recently, Bryen Camden at the Sons of Valhalla Ranch, completed his foster-to-adopt program, but will continue to receive help and guidance from Hold Your Horses. 

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