Make a Plan


Do you have an evacuation plan for your family and your animals?

Disasters can strike in a moments notice. Being prepared by creating an evacuation plan is the first step.  Here are some evacuation plan tips to consider from Cal OES. 

  • Do not leave your pets behind
  • As rescue officials may not allow you to take your pets if you need to be rescued, do not wait until the last minute to evacuate 
  • Securely fasten a current identification tag to your pet’s collar. It’s a good idea to include a phone number of a friend or family member so someone who finds your pet will be able to reach someone who knows you. 
  • Transport pets in secure pet carriers and keep pets on leashes or harnesses. 
  •  Because most emergency shelters do not admit pets, call hotels in a safe location and ask if you can bring your pets. Ask the manager if a no-pet policy can be lifted during the disaster. 
  •  If you and your pets cannot stay together, call friends, family members, veterinarians or boarding kennels in a safe area to arrange foster care. 
  • Be sure to pack your pet’s emergency supply kit filled with at least a three-day supply of food, water and other supplies, such as medical records, owner’s documentation, cat litter and other necessary sanitary items and medication.

Do you have all necessary items ready for an evacuation?

Emergency Preparedness Kits are only useful when they're complete and ready before a disaster. Here are a list of recommended items for your kit:

  • Hay, Feed, and Water for three days
  • Water and Feed bowls/buckets
  • Non-nylon halters and leads
  • First Aid Items
  • Copy of all licenses, registrations, and medical records including vaccinations
  • List of Emergency Contacts, including veterinarian, farrier, and personal emergency contacts
  • List of Boarding Facilities/Ranches that can provide temporary shelter during an emergency evacuation
  • Laminated Photo of you and your pet
  • Can Opener
  • Wire Cutter
  • Blanket
  • Flashlight/Head Lamp & Batteries
  • Warm Jacket
  • Phone Charger
  • Duct Tape
  • Flare
  • Grease Marker
  • ICE Manestays
  • Camping Gear for yourself

Helpful Links when Making a Plan




ICE Manestays

The I.C.E. UltraLite makes it possible to clip visible identification to your horse's braided mane.

ICE provides emergency identification products ideal for evacuations

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Sample Plans for Evacuation and Sheltering

View sample evacuation plans and emergency preparedness kits as suggested by ASPCA


California Animal Response Emergency System

 CARES is an operational guidance to assist with all aspects of animal care and control in the event of a disaster or emergency. In addition, CARES provides resources for the public, for animal businesses, for shelters, and for emergency planners.  

Contra Costa County Animal Services


Check for county recommendations as well as helpful contact information


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