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Hold Your Horses is more than just a team- we're a family.  If you're ready to become a part of the HYH family, please complete the Registration Form below and we will contact you shortly. Not sure where to you'd fit in? No worries, we have a spot for everyone! 

Dispatch- Our Dispatch team, led by Vice President Naydeene Koster, is in charge of dispatching our evacuation teams during a disaster. They are responsible for monitoring the teams locations, coordinating evacuation locations, and relaying all important information to our evacuation teams behind lines.

Communications- Our Communications Team is in charge of managing social media accounts, relaying information between teams, and managing outside communications. They work hand in hand with our Dispatch Team. 

Staging- Our Staging Team is led by our Staging Manager, Kathy Campbell. They will aid in all aspects of staging for incoming/outgoing teams. The Staging Area will be set by the Chief of Operations upon dispatch, and the Staging Team will arrange accordingly.

Evacuation- The Evacuation Teams will be lead by predesignated Team Leaders selected by Strike Team Manager Toni Kessler, and will be teams of 5 rigs. The Evacuation Team will be given locations to evacuate and will transport the evacuated animals to either the Sheltering Location or to the Transport Team, dependent on disaster size and available time. The Evacuation Team is made up of smaller rigs and trailers (2 to 3 horse trailers) due to size restrictions in evacuation zones.

Transport- The Transport Team will receive evacuated animals from the Evacuation Teams and transport them to the Sheltering Location. The Transport Teams are made up of primarily larger rigs and trailers (4 horse trailers and larger).

Sheltering- The Sheltering Team will be managing the intake of evacuated animals and handling the care of the evacuated animals.

Follow Up Care- Follow Up care includes any needed transportation home for evacuated animals, as well as the delivery of needed feed and supplies following the disaster. Dependent on the size of the disaster, the follow up care needed may last anywhere from a week to months after. HYH will continue to provide follow up care until we are no longer needed. All members may participate in the follow up care.

Outreach- Outreach is a vital part of HYH. Our goal is to educate and prepare as many animal owners as possible, so that when a disaster strikes, no animals are left behind. Our Outreach Team is responsible for Emergency Clinics, Evacuation Plan Evaluations, and Public Education.

Convergent Volunteers- HYH unfortunately cannot dispatch untrained volunteers during an evacuation. If an evacuation is already underway and you would like to volunteer, please let us know, as we may be able to find other ways for you to help. 

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